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artistic team

Director:                      Don Toner

Asst. Director:             Cyndi Williams

Stage Manager:          Lara Haddock

Production Asst.:        Kenedi Delgado  

Set Designer:              Mike Toner

Costume Designer:    Buffy Manners

Lighting Designer:     Mark Novick

Sound Designer:        Robert Fisher

Properties Designer: Jennifer Singletary

Holmes and Watson is a one-act play and runs approx. 75 min. There is no intermission.

Warning: There are haze effects used in this production.

September 6- 29, 2019

Thurs- Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm

Added 2pm Sat matinees on Sept 21 and 28

written by

Jeffrey Hatcher

directed by

Don Toner 


Austin Playhouse is celebrating its 20th Anniversary Season by revisiting two of their favorite characters, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. Holmes and Watson is a brand new Sherlock Holmes adventure.


It’s been three years since Sherlock Holmes went over Reichenbach Falls with his nemesis Professor Moriarty. Dr. John Watson knows that the great detective must surely be dead, but when he receives a telegram suggesting his best friend and partner might still be alive, Watson is compelled to investigate. The cryptic wire stating that three patients in a remote asylum each claim to be the late Sherlock Holmes sends Watson on an adventure to uncover the truth of his lost friend. As the mystery unfolds, a web of intrigue, murder, and suspense begins to unravel. Could Sherlock Holmes really be alive after all this time?  


“Wildly enthralling and masterfully penned…Hatcher well knows his way around riddles and is a crafty manipulator of appearances…An amazing must-see cliffhanger.” —


Huck Huckaby
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Barry Miller
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Toby Minor
Bernadette Nason
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Rick Roemer
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Scott Shipman
David Stahl
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