Photo by Christopher Loveless


Kimberly Barrow

Brian Coughlin

Babs George

Jenny Gravenstein

Jenny Larson

Cyndi Williams. 

Jess Hughes

By Linda Griffiths 

Directed by Lara Toner Haddock

September 27th @ 7:00 PM 

The entire original Austin Playhouse cast from our 2009 production will reunite for a one-night-only live reading!


In Age of Arousal, Griffiths’ creates a fantasy-filled re-working of George Gissing’s 19th-century novel, The Odd Women


Fusing the political battle of the 19th-century suffragists with more personal struggles of sexual and gender identity, Age of Arousal creates a wholly unique world to explore love, desire, and the cost and promise of equality.   

A portion of ticket sales will benefit the League of Women Voters.

*Age of Arousal contains mature themes and frank sexual discussions that would make Jane Austen blush.