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Austin Playhouse announes Ghostlight Season!

It’s been six months since the pandemic came to Austin. While some activities are resuming, theatre will be one of the last back to “normal.”

We were having a fantastic 20th season when everything stopped. That success allowed us to weather the last six months. But the ongoing suspension of live theatre performances means we will need your help to survive. In addition to over $150,000 in lost revenue, our city cultural funding, which comes exclusively from hotel/motel taxes is being cut by 58% this year because of the extreme reduction in bed tax revenue.

About half the AP staff is currently furloughed and remaining staff members have cut hours and salaries. We still have many business costs including rent on our ACC space, the development of our new theatre space, and production costs.

While the financial outlook is tough, we’re confident we can weather this storm with your support. And while live performances are on hold for the health and safety of our audience and our artists, the world of virtual theatre is opening up new possibilities. We’re excited to announce Austin Playhouse will produce a Ghostlight Season running through December 2020. This all-virtual programming will engage our community with relevant, meaningful virtual theatre you can feel.

Since March you’ve had access to our online workshop featuring Today’s Gratitude posts, a new podcast, Home Theatre shorts, a book launch, and more. We’re looking forward to sharing the next step in our virtual theatre adventure.

Everything we’re doing right now is a brand new and we’re counting on you to let us know what’s working well, what adjustments might make it work better, or to push us farther. We’re also counting on your support as we develop new ways to create theatre. Our greatest strength has always been the strong support of an incredible family of artists and audience members. Thank you and welcome to Austin Playhouse’s Ghostlight Season.

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