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Tickets go on sale Thursday, June 17, starting at $30 (plus taxes and fees)

Click the link above or call: (512) 474-1221

Austin Playhouse Presents
The Battlefields of Clara Barton

Stateside at the Paramount July 11-13, 2021

Austin Playhouse returns to in-person theatre with this thrilling workshop production of the new musical, The Battlefields of Clara Barton by Suzan Zeder and Jenn Hartmann Luck.

The Battlefields of Clara Barton is a folk/rock/historical/contemporary musical about the life of Clara Barton; Civil War nurse, political activist, revered founder of the American Red Cross. In a tumultuous life that spanned almost a century, Clara fought on many battlefields: historical, political, and emotional. 

Production Sponsor: Carolyn Rice Bartlett Charitable Foundation

Directed by Lara Toner Haddock

Music Direction by Lena Gabrielle

Assistant Music Director - Ezri Killeen

Stage Manager - Kenedi Delgado

Sound Designers - Robert S. Fisher and Tyler Parks

Dramaturg - Taji Senior

The Cast

Clara 4/Susan B. Anthony - Michelle Alexander

Choria - Espy Biehle

Choria - Charlite Brooks

Choria - Sarah-Marie Curry

Dolly - Claire Grasso

Clara 1/Child - Bella Ouellette

Clara Prime - Laura Huffman Powell

Clara 3/Mabel Boardman - Sarah Fleming Walker

Clara 2/ The Grand Duchess - Sarah Zeringue.


Collin Quinn Rice designed the promotional graphic.

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