Austin Playhouse returns to in-person theatre with this thrilling workshop production of the new musical, The Battlefields of Clara Barton by Suzan Zeder and Jenn Hartmann Luck.

The Battlefields of Clara Barton is a folk/rock/historical/contemporary musical about the life of Clara Barton; Civil War nurse, political activist, revered founder of the American Red Cross. In a tumultuous life that spanned almost a century, Clara fought on many battlefields: historical, political, and emotional. Clara’s story is brought to vibrant life by an ensemble of women, playing multiple roles, where age and gender are fluid. Diverse means of storytelling captures the chaos and complexity of the times. The threads of Clara’s life run from past to present with seamless synchronicity, creating a rich tapestry of themes as personal and potent today as they were in Clara’s times.

Directed by Lara Toner Haddock, with Lena Gabrielle as Music Director and Ezri Killeen as Assistant Music Director, and a stellar cast, including Michelle Alexander, Espy Biehle, Charlite Brooks, Claire Grasso, Bella Ouellette, Laura Huffman Powell, Sarah Fleming Walker, Lara Wright, and Sarah Zeringue.


The production team also includes Kenedi Delgado as Stage Manager and Robert S. Fisher as Sound Designer. Collin Quinn Rice designed the promotional graphics. 

Seating will be limited to allow for social distancing.


Tickets on sale Thursday, June 17!