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Launching our new Construction Blog!

Stability and security aren't words always associated with the arts. They are hard-earned. For two-decades Austin Playhouse has worked to become a leader in Austin's arts community and earn a stable, secure future. Last April we purchased 2.8 acres of land and launched our campaign to build a permanent, sustainable home that will serve Austin Playhouse and the greater Austin performing arts community for decades. The journey is just beginning.

Purchasing land was a huge step, but now we're in the middle of architecture meetings, designs and re-designs, contractor negotiations, permitting, and, of course, fundraising. A big thanks to everyone who has gotten us this far and welcome to everyone meeting us on the road to our new home.

This blog will chronicle our construction adventures as we navigate all the next steps - sometimes with grace, sometimes with frustration, and sometimes with a cocktail. Whatever they may be, I look forward to sharing them all with you.

Now let's check out what we're building...

The exterior rendering from Forge Craft Architecture shows the first view of our beautiful building. Guests will park just outside our front doors and head right into our comfortable lobby.

The new venue features two performance spaces: a 207-seat main stage and a 99-seat second stage. The second stage will be used primarily as a rental space.

Thank you for joining us! Next week we'll be doing a deep-dive into AP's history and all the buildings we've renovated along the way. From World War I flight training facilities to abandoned malls, every step of our journey has made us ready to build and appreciate our new home.

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