Austin Playhouse's mission is to provide opportunities for artists and audiences to celebrate the human experience. In that spirit, we're moving the celebration online for a little while as theatres and artists all over the world pause their activities during this unprecedented time. We're grateful for any new means to connect and launching Cyndi William's latest project, "Today's Gratitude" as well as curtain speeches, and viewings of past productions that can all be viewed right here! 

 Austin Playhouse is proud to be launching an online workshop on Cyndi Williams' latest project, "Today's Gratitude." We have transformed Cyndi's "Today's Gratitude" Facebook posts into performances pieces. Each posts was inspired by a time, a few years ago, when Cyndi's world seemed to fall apart. They were a means for her to reconnect creatively. As theatres and artists around the world pause their activities, we're grateful for any new means to connect. We are thrilled to share the posts with you now. 

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This project is supported in part by the Cultural Arts Division of the City of Austin Economic Development Department, the Shubert Foundation and the Bloomberg Foundation.

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